Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin has betrayed the public trust, and must resign from office.

Reports indicate that the sheriff interrupted a political science class at nearby Mercer County Community College when he learned that the professor, Michael Glass, made remarks about him that Larkin claimed were erroneous.

It appears that Prof. Glass’ comments were completely accurate. But even if they hadn’t been — even if Glass had viciously slandered Larkin’s character without substantiation — the sheriff’s behavior would still be shockingly inappropriate. In fact, it has demonstrated that he is not fit for elected office.

Glass, teaching a State and Local Politics course, mentioned Larkin as an example of a New Jersey official who was “double-dipping” — or receiving public pension payments and a public salary at the same time. According to Glass, Larkin makes approximately $200,000 per year from these combined sources of income.

One of the students in the class, who happened to work in Larkin’s office, texted the sheriff about what the professor had said.

Stunningly, Larkin himself showed up to the classroom later that night, interrupting what was otherwise an ordinary class session. He asked Prof. Glass to step into the hallway. Shortly after, with Larkin lurking beside him, Glass apologized to the class for apparently misrepresenting something about the sherrif’s finances.

So let’s get this straight: Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin forcibly interrupted a college class to dispute a claim the professor had made about his salary and pension. Where do we begin? First, it is clear Larkin attempted to shamelessly intimidate Prof. Glass. As the top law enforcement official in the county, he suddenly appeared to demand an apology for something said under the auspice of academic freedom. This is nothing less than schoolyard-level bullying.

No less, this is a blatant abuse of office. This is an infringement upon the right to freely criticize public officials in college classrooms. In fact, there is so much flagrantly wrong with this situation that Larkin must tender his resignation immediately.

If there is to be any dignity left in the office to which he was elected, the sheriff will oblige.


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  1. Josef,

    RHIP, Get over it, Rank Has It’s Privileges!!!

    • Rich Nicolls,

      You are absolutely right. Rank DOES have its privileges. Just ask Pinochet. Ask Noriega. Ask Jong-Il. Ask Mugabe. Ask Ceauşescu. Who else out there really knows how to use the privilege of rank?

  2. Shay,

    well for one thing, no one talks about their salary. It’s one of the subjects that’s always been taboo. Although the professor has the right to say what he likes, he had no business bringing Larkin’s salary up, especially when he’s not basing it on facts. But one has to think that the sheriff did make a pretty big deal out of it for it to not be true, essentially making HIM look like the ass.

    • Marlowe,

      he wasn’t bringing up Larkin’s salary just to say the guy was paid too much, he was bringing up the salary in terms of the fact that Larkin was collecting a salary and a pension simultaneously for essentially the same job, that’s like saying it was inappropriate to bring up the salary of a bank-robber, it’s not about how much money the guy was making, it’s about where the money comes from

  3. rgilley,

    I’d bet a dollar to a dime the sherrif is a conservative!! They feel they can do about anything with no repercussion……he should indeed resign immediately.

  4. Cut_The_BS,

    Lets see the Sheriff is a Democrat. Mr. Glass – on the AOH board (Republican leaning org) with president of the AOH Vince McKelvey (republican) who is also a big wig in the Emerald Society and personally feels he runs Hamilton due to his connections in Trenton and in the justice system of the state… sounds like a coup to me. Go to the AOH on Kuser road during a back door meeting where their little power grabs and reputation tarnishing sessions go on and you’ll understand the real deal here. Speak of which, I’m 99% sure Mr Larkin and others in his family are AOH members too. The only way to stop the nonsense is to have the ABC get in there and hit them for all of their voiations when serving liquor (like not having people sign in, serving people after they’ve had too much, serving after hours) and so forth. Good for the Sheriff to call Mr Glass out.

  5. mjname,

    Salary’s of public servants is public knowledge. If you want your salary to be private then work in the private sector.

  6. nmr,

    I have a child at MCCC and just heard abouot this. I am shocked and hope something is done about this Sherrif. It is unbelievable and Mercer must make a formal complaint.


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