It is unfortunate that in the wake of his interview with The Perspective, Gov. Mike Huckabee has resorted to ad hominem attacks intended to cast doubt upon our credibility as a publication. This sort of desperate tactic is not surprising, however; politicians in damage-control mode often stoop to attacking the media so they might avoid being accountable for the substance of their remarks.

It is telling that nowhere in his statement did Huckabee suggest he was misquoted in the article, and rightfully so; we have the audio and transcripts to prove that everything reported is accurate.

Huckabee’s problem seems to lie more in the focus of the article, which is centered partially on LGBT issues. We feel that same-sex marriage, laws prohibiting gays and lesbians from adopting children, and ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ are legitimate policy concerns about which to question national political figures. Gov. Huckabee may disagree.

But regardless, his words speak for themselves, and it is a shame that he is now so quickly embarrassed of them.

Further, Huckabee’s claim that he defended RNC Chairman Michael Steele is simply not true.

Have a listen. (Things are a bit out of order — in the interest of getting this out there, we had to improvise.)

If you can tell what was “grossly distorted,” please let us know.

M. C. Tracey

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  1. ross,

    I have chosen not to accommodate his lifestyle

  2. Sam Sinister,

    Journalism ! What a concept, we ought to try it on a national scale and see what happens.

  3. paul,

    Is Huckabee related to Fred Phelps in Kansas….same church….same ideas…how does a man of such ignorance become a presidential contender?

  4. James boulder,

    Again I don’t think he said what he is being made out to have said in the story. Yes the quotes are there but there are context quotes left out, and certainly the questioners rude manner isn’t portrayed in the article. He did not say homosexuals are the same as drug users nor did he compare the two. He used those as examples to illustrate what was was being compared and that was the process of dealing with lifestyle choices. Also, he did not say Michael Steele was a liability but rather the situation being still out there going into the midterms is.

  5. Sam Pringle,

    Ignorance knows no boundaries, intelligience apparently does…. Mr Huckabee is intitled to be a bigot. That is his choice. His abhorent hate is indicative of a true moral reprobate. Hate is not a value, but a curse. A curse bewtowed by the devil on the weak and unpure minded. Mr Huckabee needs to learn life..learn compassion and to understand how wrong thinking he is. God has no time or place for fools and haters…Mr Huckabee ..take heed!

  6. Bert Savarese,

    Thus tape is worrisome – but not because of Mike Huckabee’s comments (which were distorted in context)… simply because if you really _listen_ to responses, he is very clear – he did not imply what the journalism student said he did.

    Also, it was interesting that there seemed to be ‘blank’ spots in the conversation, ie as if some comments by Huckabee had been edited out. In fact, the Perspective did say they edited it….


    Would like to know why did they need to improve it – by editing it, we don’t really know the context or really what Mr. Huckabee actually said. Mike Huckabee is right about his follow up comments — this article was edited. As far as responsible journalism goes, **anyone can** can play reporter and simply edit out what a person has fully said in the interview. That doesn’t make the Perspective reporter accurate but is sensationalizing the entire interview (much to my disappointment).

    It is unfair that there is not a balanced reporting but a pick and choose (and edit) what is presented to the public. I have seen this before in gay articles – which implies, to me, that they have an agenda to alter what comes out of the interviewee’s mouth. If you have a legitimate point, then is it really in the interest of the accuracy of the interview to rearranging what Mr. Huckabee fully said?

    This whole article is lousy journalism and simply sensationalizing what wasn’t said or implied. Really listen to what he said, several times, and I believe it is easy to see the journalism student had to stretch to come up with a controversy.

  7. Lucas,

    Maybe the reporter shouldn’t be putting words into the reporters mouth. It is really scary that the student believes that this is legitimate reporting.

  8. Mike,

    So, what’s the problem with what Mike Huckabee is saying? He’s simply stating what has been the moral code of society for thousands of years…why change TRUTH?? Judging by the comments, Hedonism is alive and well in the USA. Laws are for a reason, to protect the rights of the innocent. If we want moral anarchy in our society, then I guess like the Roman Empire we are all headed for a great fall. Thank heavens for men like Mike Huckabee who are willing to “take the heat” for the truths they believe in!

  9. Henry,

    Live and let live. We as “straights” do not have straight parades, flags, advertising our life style or trying to convince others by constantly being in the news. Asking for legislation to marry, changing the ‘Don’t ask – don’t tell’ policy in the military etc.
    I served 8 years in the Military, and I believe the current policy is a good one. Don’t advertise your sexual preference, we straights don’t do it. Our way of life has been since the beginning of civilisation. I would hate to be the ‘kid’ being adopted, having two mamas or papas, they probably seem to be happy now because of their innocent age, but might grow up very resentful of their life style. But I agree, discrimination to a point has to stop.
    What you do in the privacy of your home is your business and your right. Don’t brag about it. you have the right to any job offering, wages etc. Yes, Huckabee is right and more people should appreciate what he is trying to do. Keeping the USA from going down the drain (morally)

    • Ben,

      You are willfully choosing to not understand what it must be like to be gay living in a straight world. To equate homosexuality with immorality is utterly despicable. Part of being moral is treating your fellow human as you would treat yourself- which is absolutely not what you are doing.

      It’s okay not to understand someone else’s lifestyle- we all have much to learn about each other. Where you fail is assuming that you’re right just because you happen to be part of the majority. A little humility and some observation would go a long way.

    • David,


      You say that “Straights don’t advertise their sexual preference.” This is ludicrous.
      Every billboard with a model, every tv show couple, every image we see in the media of a man and a women together is straight people ‘advertising’ their sexual preference.
      You only notice when Gay people ‘advertise’ their sexuality because it isn’t the norm. To a Gay person everyday they are surrounded by a culture and a society that tells them who they are is not acceptable. Every single piece of dominate American story, is that man and women = family. If that isn’t advertising ones’ sexual preference, then what is?

  10. Joakim,

    To Henry:

    “We as “straights” do not have straight parades, flags, advertising our life style or trying to convince others by constantly being in the news”

    I beg your pardon? Society is one big straight parade. 99% of TV is heavily promoting the “heterosexual lifestyle”. Let’s strip you of your rights, turn you into a second class citizen, and see how happy that makes you.

  11. rai,

    Most of the people howling about “journalism standards” here, and castigating the audio files for being edited need to remember that if they really were Christians they’d be less hypocritical and judgmental. Jesus hung with whores and money-lenders. I doubt gays would cross his eyes all that much. Since Christianity is a cult anyway, and Jesus was no more divine than any single one of us, I dismiss them as intolerant frauds any single time they cannot let humans be who they are- HUMAN.

  12. J Golden,

    As a former journalist with 20 years of experience, I see no disconnect between the article and the record of the interview. What I see is that people reading the story, people commenting on the story and people talking about the story are weaving together Mr. Huckabee’s statements and drawing conclusions about his beliefs that he doesn’t like. He made certain statements of fact about his beliefs, which were recorded and transcribed. That he doesn’t like how people took what he said is not the journalist’s fault. And honestly, I didn’t read anything that was inconsistent with statements he’s made many times before. Which makes me wonder why he’s kicking up a fuss now.

  13. Jeff Lambert,

    Very good journalism. The difference of opinion is a non-story. The responses by Mr. Huckabee are consistent with the views he has stated time and time again. He strikes me a good man but one that has a dated perspective and is unable to see the changes in the society around him. Because of that he will soon be irrelavent. The world changes and you either change with it or withdraw from it. There is no stopping the changes and there is no predicting the results of those changes. It is for those in the future to decide if the change is a good one or not and for them to change if they feel the need to do so.
    The story of this article is only now happening and that is how Mr. Huckabaa is reacting to the publicity the story has garnered. He seems to be very defensive and is attacking the credibility of the student journalists. That seems very odd and causes one to pause and attempt to interpret the reasoning behind such actions.

  14. Jason,

    Huckabee has sealed his fate. His words against virtually every human right issue pressing in the US today show him to be out of touch with current affairs. On top of that his understanding of “thousands of years” of history is inaccurate. Marriage as a civil union of a man and woman was invented in the Victorian era. Keeping to biblical traditions we’d have polygamist marriages, have sex slaves, be able to marry close family members etc. The “ideal” of a family unit was never held to two people a man and a woman until the middle ages and even then it was not actually specified that a marriage had to be permanent. Catholicism pushed for that, but many other people practiced a wide variety of marriage styles. The general acceptance of marriage as it is today was a gradual process and reflected a very restrained society which was coming to grips with a very new way of life. To state that for 5000 years we have always had the same definition of marriage is simply an uneducated opinion and downright false.

    So, beyond Huckabee’s ridiculous assertions, his character is in question now. He has attempted to disparage a very honest journalism student. The student asked direct questions. Huckabee could have refused to answer, but he let himself answer. Open mouth, stuff falls out. Now he wants to retract or distort his comments by saying the questions were not in context. I heard the context, and all I can say is the agenda of the student was clear from the questions asked. There was no attempt to disguise words or entrap Huckabee. On the contrary, the student asked direct questions in a polite and simple way.

    No matter how hard he tries the red won’t rub off his neck.

  15. Paul,

    I honestly don’t think he “Rips” Steele. He basically makes the case that any sane person would in looking at the facts. Either he has to give a good answer, or the members of the RNC are going to do something about it. As for his whole homosexual agenda, I think you were 100% accurate, and I don’t know why he doesn’t embrace his own beliefs.

  16. Greg,

    I thought Mr. Huckabee has been a pretty straight forward guy whether I agree with him or not. Did he say what he did how he did? We may never know. My question is if Mr. Huckabee thinks the tape was edited and M.C. Tracey says.. “(Things are a bit out of order — in the interest of getting this out there, we had to improvise.)” could it be that we need keep an open mind and not rush to judgment.. Why would a journalist not wait and make a proper reply instead of placing an improvised out of order. Sad really. Repost the interview after you have taken the time to un-improvise it please.

  17. Talon,

    The recording and Mr. Huckabee’s statements make this married,bisexual, polyamarous gender-neutral female want to have relations with her husband and then her wife.

    It’s a more pleasant thought than getting riled up about this, which I am, and leaving a scathing statement, which frankly while the student journalist is worth my time to say “WELL DONE Michael Tracey”, but Mike Huckabee just isn’t worth the effort to be properly scathing.

    I’ll just go have immoral sex in Mike Huckabee’s name. Much better.

  18. Mike Huckabee is such an idiot. I wonder exactly what his next move will be in response to the published article & released audio footage? I’m sure he’ll deny that it is his voice heard on the tape. I can assure you it is. I’ve stood next to him and heard that voice for myself. There’s no denying it.

    The journalist made a remark during the interview in response to Mr. Huckabee’s use of the words “Ideal World” and pointed out that we don’t currently live in what could be categorized as an “Ideal World”. Huckabee agreed and said, “No.”

    Ok. Right there….all three of us are on the same page. We have homeless children, people dying of curable illness due to the lack of health insurance, and murders in schools as close as Arkansas State University. We don’t live in a perfect world.

    However, when approached on his views of same-sex families and partners, you can hear Huckabee say that he doesn’t support legislation that would make it legally possible for homosexuals to enter into the institute of marriage or adopt homeless children because “in an ideal world” that doesn’t happen. Now, parden my ability to say exactly what I think. Why on earth would you create legislation that provides for the “Ideal World” if the terms don’t exist. Would your laws and cultures adapt to them? No. Would your practices address the major concerns of society? No. DREAMER!

    After discussing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” I realized again his words were streaming even more quickly in seemless babble. Mr. Huckabee, you can discuss the effects of PTSD (he couldn’t even refer to the illness by it’s clinical name) all you want and need to provide medically for the soldiers that suffer from this disease, however don’t you think that it’s necessary to rid soldiers of pointless stress since war experience is harmful enough? Also, he stated that it would be awkward for the military to rid such policy because there are lives on the line. Uh, excuse me. People in Emergency & Operating Rooms work in close quarters everyday and they manage to save and protect liveswith gay coworkers everday. Why should our military be any different?

    How would you like to have a major heart attack, be rushed to the nearest cardiac unit, to meet a receptionist at the door that said, “Oh, honey! I’m so sorry. We don’t have a doctor here today. Well, there was one scheduled, and a gay nurse, You know, we just can’t have those gay ones up in here amongst all us straight people. That’s just not ideal for all of us, so we just sent them home this morning without pay. We just couldn’t have that gay nurse looking at a penis while inserting a catheter. How awkward! But, we’ve got Florene here today. Now, she’s lost sight in her left eye and is far sighted in the right, but if that needs to be done we just give her a water hose instead of catheters and needles so she doesn’t miss. Oh, and the Parkinson’s? We think it’s worse on Tuesdays, but lookie there! It’s Wednesday! You should be good to go. I’m gonna go get Florene for ya!”

    Now, I’m going to combine what I’ve taken as his point of view on both matters and combine them to form what I have gathered is his honest opinion.

    He would rather spend millions of dollars to treat military soldiers for PTSD than to allow them to return home, share their experiences with their families, and successfully transition back into society through the one of the most successful support systems available to anyone…one that’s even provided at no cost…FAMILY.

    I’m sorry, but his statements make about as much sense as his overnight weight loss.

    Since Former Governor Mike Huckabee likes to liken people such as homosexuals to drug users and polygamists, I’ll do some comparing for him. As early as our government began, the system has been plagued by liars, manipulators, cheaters, and scam artists; Watergate, Whitewater, & Lewinsky are more recent examples). So, doesn’t that mean that Mr. Huckabee himself should liken himself to people such as Jeffrey Dahmer (who lied during initial interviews then later recanted and confessed to murder by tricking and manipulating his victims)? I think that’s sounds pretty “ideal.”

    I’ve even sent Mr. Huckabee a message via his official Twitter letting him know that his comments were immoral and hurtful, but have received no response. I hope everyone that reads my blog questions this. If Mr. Huckabee can’t even send a return comment to adress the concerns of a 27-year-old that served as a child Page during his administration, how can he address the concerns of an entire nation?

    Instead of questioning Mr. Romney’s response to an issue, how about you answer questions that are being addressed to you?

    Oh, one last thing…in the audio footage Mr. Huckabee mentioned that he supported the laws that prohibits gays from adopting in the State of Arkansas. A Federal Judge overturned the ban this week.

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  20. Ruth,

    I have not heard this, but I DID hear about his comments. I wrote an e-mail to him too which of course he did not read.

    “Ideals” or “norms” just don’t and can’t exist in any way in a diverse society or in a society where NEED exists. So, he holds on to these ideals for no real reason in my opinion other than to stagnate and do nothing about a ‘real’ problem…It’s sad. I don’t get it.

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