Homecoming: An Insider Perspective

An overwhelming depression accompanies the end of Homecoming. Members of Greek life prefer to attribute this phenomenon to the return to normal life; but let’s be real, everyone knows it’s the startling lack of alcohol in their system.

Homecoming is an escape; everyone involved in this week of debauchery and mayhem is simply reliving his or her childhood.

Some think members of Greek life become immoral creatures who give into every which desire and show no regard for anyone else. And this may be true, but at the same time, homecoming week is the closest these sisters and brothers will be to the innocent nature of childhood. Greeks scream and cry, react solely based on their emotions, ignore social norms, partake in food fights, and most likely wet their beds.

TCNJ Homecoming 2010

But let’s put it in perspective.

Do you think it’s wrong to drink for seven straight days, miss class, and work on banners, performances and sporting events in attempt to prove that you are better than everyone else? Or do you think it’s amazing that hundreds of kids come together and sacrifice an entire week and devote it to the betterment of their organizations?

To be honest, no one in Greek life really cares what anyone else thinks.


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